Washington Northern

HO scale model railroad

Trumix 13 - Greenville 100-ton hopper

Exterior was masked off wtih blue painters tape and then the interior was sprayed with a spray can of Krylon metallic enamel paint. This was followed imeadiately with a dusting of flat gray primer. After paint had dryed overnight, the interior was flooded with a wash of thinned black acrylic paint. While the acrylic was still wet, a cotton swap was used to remove the acrylic wash from the interior. This will leave a thin film of black. After this had dried the interior was sprayed with dullcoat. Rust colored weathering powder was then applied on the areas of the car that would not be "scrubbed" by the aggregate cargo it typically carries.


  • Weathering: Artist oils and Bragdon's Weathering Powders
  • special techniques: rattle-can bare metal
    (see below)
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