Washington Northern

HO scale model railroad

layout trackplan

The layout was adapted from a track plan that originally appeared in the September 1998 issue of Model Railroader called the "Pike City Beltline". It was flipped and altered to fit my waterfront layout criteria. Since them, the other half of the room was acquired and the layout now fills the room.

Name: Washington Northern - Port Andrews Tideflats District
Scale: HO
Size: 11 x 12 feet
Style: shelf
Minimum radius: 18"
Maximum grade: None
Roadbed: 3/4" plywood sub roadbed with cork roadbed on mainline
Mainline run: 33 feet including staging
Track: Atlas code 83 flex
Turnouts: Fastracks hand-built, Peco & Atlas with Tortoise switch machines equipped with Hare™ NCE & Lenz stationary decoders
Minimum turnout: Peco #5
Track: Code 83
Car forwarding system: car cards & waybills with Dallas Modelworks Waybill Generator program
Control: NCE Pro cab DCC

The layout occupies a 11' x 12' spare bedroom. The layout features Atlas code 83 flex track which was salvaged from my earlier layout. As tempting as it was to get the new, highly detailed, Micro-Engineering code 83 and 70 track, budget considerations led me to stick with what I had. I am still pleased with the look and performance of the trackwork. As mentioned above, the layout is running a NCE DCC system with wireless throttles. Many of the locomotives have sound decoders in them, and eventually all will be equipped with sound.