Washington Northern

HO scale model railroad

layout overview

The Washington Northern is a freelanced HO scale model railroad set in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State in the mid 1990s. A regional railroad centered in the fictitious large deep water port city of Port Andrews geographically located between the real cities of Port Angeles and Port Townsend on what is Discovery Bay on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The specific area I am modeling at this time is the Port Andrews Tideflats District. This version of the WN is a small switching layout in a spare bedroom of my new home. A former version housed in a 23' x 32' room depicting the Coast Subdivision in my old home was dismantled in 2005.

While I miss the long mainline runs of the old layout, the new, smaller version of the WN has allowed me to make progress much more rapidly, while adding more detail and getting up and operating in a reasonable amount of time.

The unmodeled Washington Northern system includes the Coast Subdivision which runs south (timetable westbound), traveling along the Washington coast, through Hoquim and Aberdeen, to tap into the large amount of lumber traffic. Then runs along the north bank of the Columbia River to Longview. At Longview it interchanges with the Burlington Northern. There is also a branchline that runs south from the Coast Subdivision to Long Beach. A once a week local serves the few industries along the branch. The Canal Subdivision skirts Hood Canal (timetable eastbound), down into Olympia, Washington, where it makes connections with the BN & Union Pacific. The WN also has negotiated trackage rights over the Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad (PS&P) from Aberdeen to Elma, before home rails again take it to Olympia.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my version of the far Northwest corner of the US.


In june of 2017 we decided to sell our home. Needless to say the version of the WN featured in these pages needed to be torn down. Much of the layout was saved as far as buildings, trees, and the like. In particular, the 2x5 section which contained Seadogs Boats and Olympic Copper was saved and is now being reworked as a modular to be included in a future version of the WN. Currently we are renting as we look for property on which to retire to in a few years. The plan is to construct a dedicated building for the future home of the WN. Stay tuned!

View the trackplan here.