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HO scale model railroad

o'malley tire distributors

The O'Malley Tire Distributors warehouse was kitbashed from a Walthers Champion Packing Plant. It was converted to a shallow relief type structure and built to fit into the corner that was vacated when the Raven Pulp & Paper Mill was torn out and rearranged. This facility received boxcar loads of tires and also can accomodate flatcars and gondolas loaded with heavy machinery tires for distribution throughout the Olympic Peninsula region. However rail service has been rare in recent years.

The concrete loading dock was scratchbuilt from styrene. The lettering on the building was done with dry transfer lettering. The whole structure was weathered with weathering powders. The two backdrop flats alongside are Kingmill Radical Flats products.

operations details

  • Rolling Stock: boxcars, gondolas, flatcars
  • Spur Capacity: 1
  • Train Service: Tideflats Turn