Washington Northern

HO scale model railroad

maple harbor steel & salvage

Maple Harbor Steel & Salvage is a scrap metal dealer. It ships out gondola loads of scrap metal bound for reclamation furnaces. I didn't have much room to model an industry that would typically cover at least several acres. To compensate for my lack of physical space, I included a background photo composite I put together of several photographs I found of scrap metal dealers. The small building on the left was scratch built from numerous parts out of my scrap box.

The rusted, corrugated metal barrier fence is a photo laminate. I made a composite of some high resolution images in Photoshop I then added graffiti and printed them out on my inkjet printer. They were then laminated to thin styrene sheet stock that a pre-painted a dark rust color. I then made some cuts with an X-acto blade and bent some corners to give it some more rough "texture". I think the overall affect turned out rather well, and it was a lot easier than trying to build and weather from scratch. I might make another attempt and try to rough up the top of the fence next time. I think it looks a little too perfect and straight for the type of fence it is supposed to represent. I still need to modify the crane by building an electro-magnet for it and adding some more details.

operations details

  • Rolling Stock: gondolas
  • Spur Capacity: 1
  • Train Service: Tideflats Turn