Washington Northern

HO scale model railroad

lee beverage distributors

This is a beverage dsitributor that rarely receives service by rail. It was constructed from a DPM modular kit. The "Lee Beverage Distributor" signs were decals from a Walthers kit, and the soft drink signs that adorn each side of the building are artwork printed out on my printer on regular paper and then using very fine sandpaper, were sanded to cigarete paper thickness. Then using full strength white glue, were pasted onto the building. I then used a soft bristle toothbrush to gently rub the paper signs into the motar lines on the brick structure to acheive a painted on look. The fire excape is a modified Walthers kit.

Additional details include rooftop vents and air units from various kits that found thier way into the scrapbox.The window shades on various windows is simply buff colored paper afixed above the individual windows. The scene is not completely finished yet. I still want to add a chainlink fence around the rear and trackside of the structure, with various old vending machines, signage and related junk stored ibehind the building.

operations details

  • Rolling Stock: boxcars
  • Spur Capacity: 1
  • Train Service: Tideflats Turn