Washington Northern

HO scale model railroad

elk creek hardwoods & forest products

Elk Creek Hardwoods & Forest Products is actually not on the modeled portion of the layout. In this photo you can see the track running behind Boehler Furniture & Appliances to the right of the bridge over Elk Creek. Elk Creek Hardwoods & Forest Products is located just down the track from here. This was a way to model a larger industry where there just wasn't room for it. It receives hardwood lumber loads, and ships out finished molding and furniture components.

This track was recently the territory of the Seattle & North Coast railroad, (in my version of history). After the S&NC called it quits, the WN took over portions of the line in this area, including the crossing of the WN at Union Tower. Elk Creek Hardwoods & Forest Products is the last and only customer on this part of the former S&NC line.

operations details

  • Rolling Stock: thrall-door boxcars
  • Spur Capacity: 2
  • Train Service: Tideflats Turn