Washington Northern

HO scale model railroad

initial construction

Shelf Brackets
Inexpensive shelving brackets mounted to the studs hold the layout shelf domino sections to the wall. This has proved to be a very sturdy method when an anchor bolt on each end of the shelf are driven into a stud.
Shimming for level
A 1x2 pine strip was run the length of the shelf to provide an anchor point for the brackets and then to the shelf itself. This actually ended up serving two purposes. In order to achieve a perfectly level surface, I had to shim the 1x2 with a 1/4-inch plywood strip as shown here. The 1x2 pine strip made that easy to do.
Blue Star Ready Mix
Here is the first section in place. This is the corner where the Raven Pulp and Paper mill is now located, along with the staging tracks hidden within the mill complex. The shelf brackets were extended above the layout to provide a convenient method to attach the backdrop. The "clean" underside of the layout makes tasks such as wiring easier without having to crawl between and around legs and supporting structure. Plus, it provides a lot of space for storage.
Recessed Area
A close up view of the first domino showing the recessed area for the waterfront. Originally I had planned a car float operation here as evidenced by the photo.