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GE C44-9W UP #9571

The C44-9W is a 4,400 hp diesel-electric locomotive built by GE Transportation Systems of Erie, Pennsylvania. Keeping in tradition with GE's locomotive series nicknames beginning with the "Dash 7" of the 1970s, the C44-9W was dubbed the Dash 9 upon its debut in 1993. The design has since proven popular with North American railroads.

This locomotive can be seen on the Tideflats District as run-through power out of the Portland area.


  • Manufacturer: Athearn RTR with Tsunami sound
  • Paint: Factory Paint
  • Weathering: AIRBURSHING & Weathering Powders
  • Aftermarket Details: none
  • DCC Address: 9571
  • purchased: January of 2014
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