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The EMD MP15DC is a 1,500 hp (1,100 kW) switcher-type diesel locomotive model produced by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division between 1974 and 1980. 351 examples were built. It replaced the SW1500 in EMD's catalog, and is superficially very similar to the predecessor model, using effectively the same engine (a V12 EMD 645-series powerplant) in a similar design of hood and bodywork.

#5033 is an example of the last switcher-type locomotive purchased by the WN in 1979, when they purchased 7 of these units number 5030-5037. It is assigned to Discovery Yard in Port Andrews and frequently can be seen in the Tideflats District.


  • Manufacturer: Atlas Gold Series with Quantum Sound
  • Paint: Custom Paint (Floquil colors BN Green & UP Harbor Mist Gray) - Custom Decals
  • Weathering: Artist oils and Bragdon's Weathering Powders
  • Aftermarket Details: None.
  • DCC Address: 5033
  • purchased: July of 2011
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