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Faribanks Morse H10-44

The FM H-10-44 was a yard switcher produced by Fairbanks-Morse from August, 1944–March, 1950. The units featured a 1,000-horsepower, six-cylinder opposed piston engine prime mover, and were configured in a B-B wheel arrangement mounted atop a pair of two-axle AAR Type-A switcher trucks, with all axles powered. Many H-10-44s received modifications that increased their horsepower rating to 1,200 hp .

Raven Pulp & Paper recently acquired #1 from the Tenino Western. It was formerly Weyehauser Logging #1 where it toiled for many years hauling logs out of the Pacific Northwest forests.


  • Manufacturer: Proto 2000 Series with QSI Sound Decoder
  • Paint: Custom Paint
  • Weathering: artist oils and Bragdon's weathering powders
  • Aftermarket Details: antena, spark arrestors.
  • DCC Address: 0001
  • purchased: March of 2014
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